The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase is the most recent initiative from dPICTUS. Emerging picturebook makers from around the world submit their unpublished projects to be considered by a large jury of picturebook publishers. The publishers vote independently for their favourites, and the projects with the most votes go into a unique book fair showcase and are presented online to hundreds of publishers in the dPICTUS community. Several projects from our first showcase have now been acquired, and many of the artists have been approached by publishers and agents.

The jury of international publishers (2019)

Jury - The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase

Selected projects (2019)

Out of the 350 projects which were submitted to our first showcase in 2019, the 48 projects below are the ones which received the most independent votes from the publishers on the jury. In September 2020, we’ll reveal the projects selected for our second showcase.
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Success story: Johanna Schaible

Johanna Schaible, an artist and illustrator from Bern in Switzerland, submitted her project to the first Unpublished Picturebook Showcase. The project ‘Once upon a time there was and will be so much more’ was independently voted for by 23 of the 30 publishers on the jury, and has since generated a lot of excitement and interest. The book will be published in 2021 by Lilla Piratförlaget from Sweden, as a co-edition with a group of international publishers.

Lilla Piratförlaget publisher Erik Titusson says: “When turning over the continuously changing pages of this book, you physically feel the passing of time. This is a truly unique project and a moving experience for readers of all ages. The theme of the book and its innovative design work hand in hand to reinforce the feeling that here we are in the world, right now, at this instant, and from this point on: we build the future!”

dPICTUS members: See a special co-edition presentation

Feedback from some of the selected artists

  • “I really, really enjoyed this day! Not just because it was an exciting one for my book. More than this, because I met wonderful people and a wonderful energy was in the air! Thank you so much for your enormous amount of work, for the great ideas you have and especially for making them happen in reality! So many people connected thanks to this; so many people and their book projects get a chance, a boost and motivation to continue their work. I came back fully loaded with this positive energy! I’m sure this is the start of something very special.”

    Johanna Schaible


  • “I’d been to the Frankfurt Book Fair several times before, but The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase gave me a fresh experience of the fair. I saw many interesting projects, met lots of illustrators, artists and interesting people from different countries. We exchanged a lot of information and we plan to maintain contact in the future. Publishers have expressed interest in several projects and I think that the interest in the showcase will increase every year. I believe that this kind of experience is valuable for every artist, and provides lots of motivation”

    Eka Tabliashvili


  • “The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase made many things possible: connections and starting friendships between Illustrators and storytellers all around the world, visibility of unique and authentic picturebook projects full of contemporary themes and issues, and the experience of community. As a newcomer to the confusing, exciting and overwhelming world of book fairs, it was a treasure to have a place to hold on to, to be reminded of what to love about books: human connection through sharing stories full of humour, beauty, poetry and all that’s possible!”

    Lili Mossbauer


  • “I went straight to The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase and the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks exhibition right next door, and I stayed there all day. I enjoyed looking through all the wonderful books, getting to know the great people there, including illustrators from the unpublished showcase. It was a great experience, and a wonderful support for me. After the fair, I received a lot of feedback, enquiries from various publishers and even an agent. Now my picturebook will be published in spring 2021 by Atlantis Verlag and I’m very much looking forward to it.”

    Laura D’Arcangelo


Illustration by Geffen Refaeli

In spring 2020, the second edition of The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase will open for entries. Subscribe to our email list to be notified when we open.

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