The Favorite Book (and the Hyper Bunnies)

Vera Eggermann | Switzerland

This is a story based on a children's play by Alexandra Frosio (ählprojekte/schlaf-gut/).

It is intended for young children (from age 3)

Sleep-over at Granny's! So much fun! What if everyone is tired, but the five Hyper Bunnies? And Granny would really love to read her book before going to sleep?
One thing is certain, nobody goes to bed without a good night kiss. And no eye can be closed without the light on! What if there’s a crocodile is under the bed, the pyjamas are itchy and a bad dream is coming?
And quite generally: All alone in bed - Who likes that!

Since there is a lot of comedy in the theater and repetition is an important element, the illustration is also repetitive and rhythmic, in a comic-like style.

The rabbits mainly don't speak, but heir statements can be guessed from Grannie Ursula’s answers. This originates in the principle of the one-woman theater.

The illustrations show the discrepancy between the restlessness in the nursery and granny Ursula’s ideal world (cozy and quiet reading room) by using the opposite pages of the book.
The children can discover (without words), what happens on the left (in the nursery), while the grownup can read the story that is happening.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Illustration BA
Graduation: 1993

Published titles: 20