45 Minutes

Florian Biermeier | Germany

45 Minutes is a story about self realization, narratives and interpretation. What stories do we tell ourselves to feel right? Why do i interpret things in a certain way? The protagonist of this story is isolated on a space station, orbiting earth. He protects earth from approaching asteroids. There is plenty of time for self realization, art and pondering. The protagonist clearly wants to be special, wants to have it figured all out, wants to be live life in a meaningful manner. Unluckily he is all by himself, with no one to counter arguments or debate. So, what's true? What's wishful thinking? What's pure over interpretation? Does he i need to know? Is there any truth in all of this?

The structure of the story constructed in a way that plays with the process of interpretation itself. This way the premise of the story is reflected in the overall concept of the comic book.

Kunsthochschule Kassel
Visluelle Kommunikation
Graduation: 2019