When the storm drove away the smell of chocolate / Quand la tempête fait fuir l'odeur de chocolat

Maeva Rubli | Switzerland

How to grow up with the sound of the storm in the head? How to keep smiling when the void sets in and spreads out all along?

Two children, two worlds, two families and different life situations. The one thinks to be a fox or a sea wolf, the other defies time by speeding along on his worn-out skateboard. They are anything but identical, yet they both carry a secret with them. Will they dare to share it? 

How do you grow up with or despite the depression of your parent? How to grow up with the weight of family secrets?

This book is an invitation to reflect on the theme of psychological suffering, to have the courage to share it, and to awaken the desire to build and dream together.

HSLU - Hochschule Luzern - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Illustration Fiction
Graduation: 2019