The Story Maker

Carlotta Raimondi | Italy

Author of the book Maddalena Schiavo from Italy

“The story maker” tells of an artist who, through his art as a form of
expression, tells and, finally, tells himself.

It does so, as well as with words, also through the use of the body and
its expressiveness, creating a link between spoken language and physical

“The story maker” uses a language made up of gestures and movements,
shapes and colors, whispered words and paper words.

In its own way, it communicates, for those who know how to listen, even
if its stories are different from the usual stories: they are round,
square and upside down, and they seem to make no sense ... but all

they come, even from afar, to listen to him.

Among all, a curious child asks him to tell him his story ...

"The maker of stories" begins to tell about himself and the child
remains with his eyes open: even his story is different from all the others.

Hear Strasbourg
Graduation: 2014