The island

Dina Perez | Argentina

The island is a book about the place where I live. The ParanĂ¡ Delta, in Argentina, is a unique place in the world. It is a place where you find countless islands surrounded by rivers and streams. The rivers, the streams, the weather, the plants and the trees change the whole scene all the time. The river seems to be alive and rules the place in mysterious ways. In order to live here you have to follow its rules. The story has the house as the principal character and in all the pages is set in the same place. The house sees the island residents' life going by throughout the four seasons of the year, while they enjoy nature life, with the native flora and fauna. Also shows how the ordinary things of the city life still happen but in a different and funny way. This is a book to show the world the enchantment of the Delta and my love for this special and singular place.

UNLP - Bellas Artes
Visual communication design
Graduation: 1997