3 year Mountain Path

Dayeon Auh | South Korea

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It is a fun story that shows the importance of reverse ideas and human overcoming superstitions through Korean folk tales.

Once upon a time, there lived a grandfather, who had to climb over a hill to get to the market from home. There is a story that if you fall from this pass, you will die three years later, so it is called the three-year pass.One day, Grandpa was going to go over the hill, but suddenly he heard something that he thought it was a wild animal.... then he fell off the hill. Then the grandfather thought, 'Now I only have three years to live.'
Three years after the grandfather fell from a hill, his grandchild came once,,, and then she asked the reason why the grandfather was ill.
After hearing the bell, the grandson said, "Then, if you fall one more time, you will live for three more years, and if you fall again, you will live for another six year, if you fall 10 times, then you will live for 30 years"
as soon as the grandfather heard this, he ran to the mountain and started to roll at fell on the mountain again and again. then he live for a long long while :)

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