Rasa Jančiauskaitė | Lithuania

The book "Home" short description:

The main character is an unusual snail holding its house in its hands and searching for its way in the world.

On its way, the snail meets different animals, which are characterized by living only in houses adapted to their species (for example: a dog - in a way, a bird - in a nest, bees - in a hive, etc.).

The image of home in the book is a reference to resilience to the world, to having clear and solid inner boundaries. The main character’s confrontation with other animals reflects a person’s daily encounter with each other and an inevitable desire to compare. Snail hopes to be able to customize the homes of other characters, but finds meaning in the journey itself and eventually settles into her own inner home.

The book is a relevant topic in the search for true self, which is important to talk about for children growing up in a modern, inert world and for their parents. The main idea of the book is to tell the child and remind parents that growth, self-search is a journey and it is very important to go authentic on your own path rather than copying the choices of those around you for a quick sense of security and recognition.

The book is created in a mixed technique. I used monotype, stencil printing. The process was experimental and unpredictable, which gives the illustrations life and energy.

Vilnius Academy of Arts
(BA) Graphic Design / (MA) Visual Communication Design
Graduation: 2017

Published titles: 3