There is something in the air

Malin Hörl | Germany

This is the story of Svea and her two sisters Berit and Lotte. Together they live in a small town with their parents and the dog Karl. Usually nothing special happens. But today something is different.

There is something in the air. Karl knows it at once. A thunderstorm is on its way!
“But what if the lightning strikes?” Lotte sobs. “I am not afraid!” Berit assures decisively. While Lotte is terribly scared and Berit stays calm, Svea still has to make up her mind.

Do you really need to be afraid of thunderstorms?

‘There is something in the air’ is my first self-written and illustrated story and I just finished. On twelve double pages you can read about the three sisters and their little thunderstorm adventure.

MSD Münster School of Design
Graduation: 2020