Miss You

Jihae Heo | South Korea

An old man is alone in the room. He stares at photos of a child in the old album. He find out the child waving his hand in a picture. He wants to see the child in detail, and he meets and hugs the boy(or girl) in the picture world. They're away on a short journey. They go to some places where they want to have a good time. They walk, play, eat, fly, and talk together all day. But readers still have no idea about the child. Who is he or she? I tried to not answer myself about it. Maybe readers can make it. Somebody would think that it is his son or daughter's childhood. Some can say it is himself. I hope this story to make readers remind and miss someone, or to make them console themselves. At the last page, he is still alone in the real world, but hopefully, not lonely.