Ines Oliveira | Portugal

Who speaks, in FACES? It is the voice of a young character. This voice describes and comments, with increasing intensity, the look of several figures of authority who seem to be rather irritated: a sergeant, a captain, a major, a general, a minister, a president, a king.

Each powerful face is compared to a visual element with some trace of hostility. This element is explored by the illustration. It can be a strong wind or a storm or a volcano or another aggressive element. Each face is more intimidating than the last, until a turning point is reached. Then the young voice gains courage, the character empowers himself and states his decision: to face all these authoritarian and angry faces.

Something in this story and in the textual structure seems to be constructed and then deconstructed. With a very unique rhythm, the text resembles in some aspects a nursery rhyme. FACES is therefore a funny picture book that conveys a positive message about achieving personal autonomy.

Oporto Faculty of Fine Arts
Fine Arts-Sculpture (2002) and Drawing (2013)
Graduation: 2013

Published titles: 12