The me that draws

Jahyun Kim | South Korea

Life in England was a very new time filled with only strange things. It was only myself that was familiar with me, and in those situations, I was able to think, walk, draw and write focusing on myself. As a result, I was able to find out landscapes and moments that I wanted to watch with affection even in this unfamiliar place.

As I looked back on my life to make a book, I could feel that I loved life here so much. It was because the scenes that I wanted to draw continued to come to mind. In the illustrations depicting meaningful and impressive scenes from my life in the UK, different cultures and landscapes that I have experienced will be naturally shown. This book will show about myself better than any other record, and at the same time it will show the world I see through my eyes.

And most of all, the fact that I do not change no matter where I am in the world, has been a great comfort to me. This book will eventually show you the flow of thought and the journey of enlightenment. Even in a whole new and unfamiliar world, I was a person who could find what I liked and at the same time I could find things that I did not like very much. I constantly learned about myself and understood well about me not others or anything else. That is why I wrote in the last page of the book that ‘I love the me that draws the most.’ If I do not change wherever I am in the world, I will definitely be drawing anywhere and I will love such me. Finally, this is the only thing I would like to say in this book. I hope that people who read this book cherish and love themselves.

Kingston University
BA Illustration Animation
Graduation: 2021