Mater Baltica

Elena Tognoli | Italy

Mater Baltica tells the story of a woman who is found on the shores of the Baltic Sea. She lives between the depths of the ocean and the coast. We don’t know where she is from or where she is going, the only fact we learn about her is that she is filled with tiny fish-like eggs.

Throughout water and land, she talks with marine creatures, she looks at fishermen with fear and desire, constantly wondering what her eggs would hatch. Will her offspring have the shape of human beings or perhaps of amphibious creatures?

To better understand her secret, human beings gather to taste the woman’s eggs. To everybody’s surprise, the eggs disclose words, then sentences, then a story. The story runs from person to person to finally settle in a book. This book.

Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts London) / Institute of Education (University College London)
BA (Hons) Illustration / MA Art and Design in Education
Graduation: 2014