Lily Learns to Count

Konstantin Potapov | Germany

Hi, this is Lily ! There she is, running! Just her hair flashed and disappeared. Can you spot her? Under the table? Behind the closet? She’s just there, standing and laughing! In this new series of picture books, meet Lily, a quirky and curious 4-year-old-girl.
With the help of her parents, her elder sister Kathrin and all the ordinary and extraordinary objects she comes across every day, Lily will explore the surrounding world as a true little scientist. In this first book, Lily will learn how to count 1 to 10.
This new series will show a child that (s)he shouldn’t be scared of counting: it’s not about complicated formulas and higher mathematics, but it’s a way to discover the world. The parents can help their children overcome the fear and be curious about mathematics. It’s very important to play math, playing is one of the easiest ways of learning.
This series is exactly about playing with mathematics and numbers that are hidden in the simplest everyday objects, if you look carefully enough.

Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin, Master of Arts Visual Communication, Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin,
Master student (Meisterschülerstudium) with Prof. Nanne Meyer, Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin
Graduation: 2016

Published titles: 1