The Light Garden

Emma Chinnery | United Kingdom

Created on the MA Children’s Book Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art, The Light in the Darkness is a silent children’s picturebook on the theme of the young bringing new life to the old. In this project, I challenged myself to use the environment, with its shapes, colours and atmosphere, to describe how the characters are feeling. It was created using watercolour painted and mono-printed onto paper and printing Ink mono-printed over the watercolour.

Synopsis: when grandma is asleep at home one day, her granddaughter follows a robin out the backdoor into the garden. In her grandmother’s overgrown garden, the child discovers a single peach hanging from a tree. She picks the peach and takes it back to the house to show grandma. Grandma is surprised to see the peach, she had forgotten about the peach tree she had planted when she was young. Together Grandma and granddaughter tidy the garden to give the peach tree the space and light to grow more peaches.

Cambridge School of Art/ Anglia Ruskin University
MA Children's Book Illustration
Graduation: 2021