Not so little Red Riding Hood

Ana Janelidze | Georgia

Not so Little Red Riding Hood is a picturebook revisiting the old story in a new, humorous way. Red Riding Hood is not a little girl anymore. These days she goes to see her granddaughter in the city. And big, grey cities are as scary for an old woman as big, grey wolves for little girls. Poor Red Riding Hood gets lost in the crowded and noisy city. Wandering all day long, she finally finds the house. As if her journey in the city had not been enough hassle already, her granddaughter takes her to the zoo next day, only to discover her old, big, grey acquaintance. The unexpected and funny ending will leave young and old readers laughing out loud.

Goldsmiths, University of London
Children's Illustration
Graduation: 2021

Published titles: 5