Of The Same Wind

Anna Podlipentseva | Russia

Of The Same Wind is a silent book, a collection of poetic visual stories about the mysterious red birds flying through different worlds, and about the people and things they encounter on their travels. The absence of verbal narration allows for a less anthropocentric viewpoint, letting the reader empathise with the birds’ perception of reality instead of focusing on the viewpoint of a human narrator.
The stories are separate from each other, not necessarily meant as one linear sequence of events, but they are united through their avian protagonists. Each story is set in a different world, some of them more realistic, some more fantastical. To show this fragmentary nature of the stories and separate them visually, each story has its own colour scheme within the blue, red and white colour palette of the book.
The illustrations were made using a multi-layer paper stencil printmaking technique combined with some digital manipulation.
This book was my Final Major Project at my BA Illustration course, and it was printed as a self-published book with a limited edition of 10 copies for the BHSAD Degree Show exhibition (see photo of the printed book in the beginning of the PDF).

British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) / University of Hertfordshire
BA (Hons) Illustration
Graduation: 2021