Where does a mountain fit?

Catarina Pires Silva | Portugal

A bear and a girl meet each other. From this encounter, a friendship blooms and a home grows.
In order to live together, a huge habitat construction begins. But, at certain point, we realize that a bear is too big to lay inside walls, the forest doesn't grow on the backyard, the lake is moveless and the mountain does not fit any place other than yours.
Nature is more than a beautiful landscape, it's a complex system about the relationship and connection between animals, plants, trees, the water, the earth, the glaciers and the mountains and we, the human beings, are part of it as well. Sometimes it's important remember us of this.
This silent picture book invites us to think about and explore the concept of home, making us question the artificial habitats, becoming aware of the complex system of Nature and thinking about the relationship with the other, about giving in, adapting, about love, respect and freedom of all beings.

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon
Graduation: 2018

Published titles: 1