And there they go / Et ils s'en vont

Giulia Gallino | Belgium

Kids grow old and they often move to the city or migrate to some far away land. In the middle of quiet fields and mild hills, ancient family houses are sometimes left behind. However, those houses are not left empty : objects of different times add up for decades, their rooms fill up with memories. Like grandparents made of bricks, summer after summer they welcome their families back. Every generation learns to take care of them and to root to those beloved walls and the lands they are surrounded by. A special bond between people and places is preserved and carried on. As the family lives and visits, so does the house.

This book was born at the end of one of those summers. It tells about this mysterious and magical bond, from the point of view of an old house. As the text subtly narrates about the passing of seasons and years, and the absence or presence of the family members, the structure of the book echoes a rhythmic cadence (season after season, room after room, etc.). Images are built to reinforce the idea of repetition through the details that compose them. They are an invitation for the readers to amuse themselves searching for the small variations.

[Credits :
- Texts written by Anne-Sophie Plat (France)
- Images by Giulia Gallino (Belgium/Italy)]

Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.
Graduation: 2017