What are they looking at?

Aggeliki Bozou | Greece

The initial idea for the book “What are they looking at?” came from a conversation I had with my, then 3-year-old son. He had been staring at someone who had a plaster cast on their leg, and thinking that the cast was a sock, asked my why this person was wearing just a sock and no shoe on that leg. It was late at night, close to bedtime, and having not seen a cast before my son was confused and perhaps a little scared from the unusual sight. So, I came up with a story about a melting ice cream soiling their shoe, which they then had to take off, leaving them with just the sock on.
From then on I begun thinking about a book that would give creative and imaginative answers to children’s unexpected questions. Over time, as I deconstructed the idea, I was left with the question “What are they looking at?”. With the question fixed, I started conjuring creative answers, sometimes inspired from everyday life, while others from an imaginary dream world. To incorporate these into the design of the book I made use of cut-outs, revealing glimpses of the answer on the next page. In order to emphasize the dreamy and fanciful aspect I used water-colours, aquarelle and ink, along with collage.

Athens School of Fine Arts(BA & MA), Vakalo College(BA)
Fine Arts, Graphic Design
Graduation: 2016

Published titles: 4