Out into the World

Bea Dietel | Germany

With ten poems by the author Daniil Charms we take an imaginative journey through a colorful landscape. The texts are interpreted and interconnected in the visual world. This results in an overarching story and two possible ways of reading the poems – individually or as a whole. In summary, the visual journey proceeds as follows: (1) A thunderstorm is brewing. It drives Peter out of his house on top of a mountain. (2) Peter descends the mountain on a sled, picking up a hunter, among others. Peter and the hunter fall into a river. (3) There they watch the beginning of an underwater race, in which a frog wins because it is the first to arrive in a lake. (4) On the lake, a ghost serenades the winners. (5) A lake dweller decides to leave. He runs across a meadow to the forest to fly away with a rocket. (6) Two trees watch the spectacle and talk about it. Three frogs, frightened by the rocket, jump away. (7) And join a number of animals that dance after a musician across a field. (8) The animals move together into a city, where they join the spectacle. An elephant jumps out of the picture. (9) And continues to run down to the beach. There he visits the house of a mouse. This is too small for an elephant and explodes. The little mouse is catapulted into the sea. (10) It sails next to the boat of a father and his son. Something falls into the water that turns out to be the sea dweller, who is now rescued. And who knows where the journey goes afterwards?

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
Bachelor’s Project
Graduation: 2021