When will Tomorrow Come?

Reem Madooh | Kuwait

The story explores a child's perception of time. Children experience it differently than adults. Unless they are preoccupied with a task or a situation, they will not tell time relatively accurately. I was especially inspired to do the story after learning about time in storytelling. As there is the time it takes for the story to happen, the duration of reading it from start to finish and the amount of time a moment feels while reading. This led me to think of utilising time to enhance the reader’s interaction with the narrative and the book as a physical object.

I wanted the sequences to be playful and imaginative, for children to relate to the character and simply enjoy the story. There is a constant back and forth between movement vs stillness throughout the story. Some moments are slow, others are quick, and the reader is sharing it with the character, lingering in one page and speeding through another using the depiction of the girl multiple times in one image to represent movement and passage of time either slowly or quickly.

Cambridge School of Art
MA Children's Book Illustration
Graduation: 2020