The Sparrow and The Sun

Link Choi | New Zealand

This is a story about obsession.
This is a story about art.
A great lie will be exposed.
In the end, someone dies.
This is the story of The Sparrow and The Sun.

This is a picturebook for adult readers. The story is about a single-pursuit taken too far.


The Captain, a jaded showman, finds his inspiration when he discovers Apollo, a prodigy of the trapeze who is as difficult as he is gifted. The Captain raises Apollo into a wonder of the world, but at the cost of his marriage, his friendships, and his health. Eventually the money and fame go away, too, and all he has left is his beloved pupil and the obsession that binds them. As time runs out on both his debts and his heart, the Captain must pull off one last trick so that Apollo may realize his immortal masterpiece.

Published titles: 5