The Pair of Scissors and the Glue

Ayane Mitsuoka | Japan

The Pair of Scissors asked the glue. “I am the best stationery. There is nothing I can’t cut. What do you think about it?” And they started to cut. First The pair of scissors tried cut a rock. It was success. And next the glue asked. "Can you cut the house?" The pair of Scissors tried again. It was success too. Finally the glue asked the pair of scissors. "Can you cut me in half?" It was success. These things made the pair of scissors have a confidence! But he felt something sticky. And then the pair of scissors' legs couldn't open it. They were laying on the desk.

This story was made in 2017. I wanted to know what the pair of scissors can cut. And I realized a glue was opposite way to use. If the pair of scissors cut the glue, what would be happened between them. I think that this story would be one answer.

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