Twenty Five

Julia Bianchi | United States

Who are the people in 𝘺𝘰𝘢𝘳 neighborhood? What kind of colorful characters have you encountered living in a large city? Everyone has a story about a crazy neighbor, or maybe you are the crazy neighbor. "Twenty FIve" is a illustrated love letter to the compact apartments of NYC, the neighbors I grew up with, and the intimacy of all these vastly different lives taking place right on the other side of a thin wall. "Twenty FIve" was created with the intentions of the final product being an "accordian" style picture book. Each page showing the inside of a vibrant and lively apartment. When totally unfolded, the book resembles a tenement building. With the lobby (first page) being at the bottom, and the penthouse (last page) being at the top. When flipped over, the back pages create a full illustration of the apartment's exterior. The dimensions of the book 's prototype itself is around 91cm x 20cm. Targeted at a younger audience of children, probably 5-8, I would hope the appeal of highly detailed and sweet little illustrated apartments with accompanied quatrain poems would reach beyond the initial audience, and reach out to anyone who can relate to the feeling of living in a diverse city.

University of the Arts
Graduation: 2020