When somebody needs you

Constance Örbeck Nilsen & Akin Düzakin | Norway

Our picture book is about taking responsibility and giving help and support to those that needs us. It is about environmental conscience and moral engagement.

On Svalbard island in a remote Norwegian archipelago, close to the north pole lies a vast global seed bank buried inside a frozen mountain. This bank is filled with humanity’s precious treasure, the largest and most diverse seed collection. There are more than a half billion seeds containing the world’s most prized crops, a safeguard against catastrophic starvation.

Growing climate change can undermine food production and threaten the diversity of plants around the world. Apocalyptic natural disaster or a nuclear war can threaten our existence too.
The future of the human race in worse case depends on this frozen collection of seeds.

We wanted to tell a story that shows children and remind grown-ups the importance of this issue. In this story, we listen to voice of the bird which is the awareness of the child / boy searching a solution to bring life back after a tremendous devastation of his land. The child is the observer, the bird is the messenger, and the seed represents a new start.

The manuscript and the sketches are the result of a close cooperation between us; Constance Örbeck Nilsen, the writer and Akin Düzakin, the illustrator. We have produced several picture books together previously.

National academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway
Graphic design and illustration
Graduation: 1994

Published titles: 50