Things She Never Said

Wu Chih Yi | Taiwan

The picture book Things She Never Said illustrates the elder women's experience of menstruation in Taiwan, created from the perspective of a contemporary woman and based on true stories collected through interviews.

The interviews revealed that menstruation was perceived as women’s secret in traditional society. Menstrual taboos and concealment have not only influenced the women’s self-identity of women of previous generations but also impacted the development of females of our generation.

Starting from “understanding ourselves or others’ experiences and feelings of menstruation,” Things She Never Said dedicate to raise awareness of women’s rights. It is suitable for girls who are about to start their periods. This book is not only for teenage girls but also for parents to talk about menstruation with their children. Little by little, it can make people feel comfortable to discuss every single change of our body while growing up.

Institute of Applied Arts , National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
The creation and discussion of picture books, manga, and graphic novels
Graduation: 2021