What am I doing here?

Aleksandra Mitkalova | Russia

The comic tells about a character who, having believed her sister's stories about an easy hike, for the first time goes on a hiking trip to the Everest base camp at a height of 5500. Not knowing in advance what lies ahead for her, she finds herself in a situation where the hike, instead of the promised easy walk, turns into one of the hardest test of her life.
I know that there are similar comics on this topic, but my comic is different in that the story is very true, I made a comic based on my experiences and notes that I took during the hike. In the comic, I tried to share my feelings and emotions and immerse the reader in the atmosphere of this incredible place.
The visual language in the comics is expressive and ironic, which goes well with the text. The book itself is built in the style of a diary, day after day we, together with the hero, go all the way. There are spreads showing the beauty of those places, various fears of the hero and awareness of where you are.

HSE University, course “author's book”
Graduation: 2015