The Theft of the Sun

Irene Pérez Ramos | Spain

It is an unconventional book with multiple meanings aimed at a very wide audience, since we think that it can be enjoyed by both children and young people. The story tells us, in broad strokes, about fear and how we deal with it, a very current topic in these strange times.
Regarding the format, it is an album of 36 pages with a size slightly smaller than A4.The illustrations are developed only in 3 inks + black, with flat shapes inspired by ethnic elements and interpreted in a contemporary style.
"The sun, at dusk, hides to be born again. But one day something happened...". The sun went down and was not born again. Until then, in the forest there were many different animals who lived in the sunlight but, as a result of the Sun's disappearance, they began to distrust each other. Who stole it? In these new circumstances, the world became hostile and vegetation became thinner and thinner. Differences became oppositions. And, in the dark, the forms became threatening and the animals hid their fear inside and tried to appear strong, and not show their vulnerability. Until little by little some of them, accepting their vulnerability and setting themselves in motion, some birds began to spread the seeds from the sky, making it possible for the sun to be reborn and, with it, new forms of life. The Theft of the Sun speaks about what can happen when, along with loss, fear arises, and questions how we live together in difficult dark times. That tale speaks, in filigree, of the experience that leads a small larva, crossing the darkness, to become a butterfly."

UPV Universitat Politècnica de València
Fine Arts Degree
Graduation: 2006

Published titles: 3