What's a Black Hole?

Jack Tongeman | United Kingdom

Two children visit their eccentric Auntie Brina, who helps them answer the question 'What's a Black Hole?'. They do so through a fantastical journey into space to visit a black hole, all without leaving their home!

Though this story uses the imagination to help understand and enjoy the subject, everything Auntie Brina teaches her niece and nephew is scientifically accurate. There are many big concepts to explain, I have put a lot of time into making these concepts digestible for children 8 years and over.
My aim is to spark excitement and curiosity in the subject to give children a launching point for further learning on black holes, space, and science in general.

I began this project around the beginning of quarantine, which is why space exploration while staying at home is a core theme of the book. All artwork is digital, using monoprint textures to give scenes a more organic feel. I also designed a font specifically for this book so that text and pictures would fit together as naturally as possible.

Falmouth University
Illustration BA
Graduation: 2019