Let's Go to the Ocean

George Miller | Canada

Written and illustrated by George Miller. A fish in a very small puddle. A bird decides the fish needs a bigger home, and will go out of its way to help. They will go to the ocean. The bird must make sure they do it right. They set off with the fish in a bottle, but it is too heavy for the bird to carry. A wheelbarrow does the trick. A rabbit wants to tag along, but the path is too rocky. The bird has an idea, and the rabbit lends a hand. The plan doesn't work as expected, and the fish finds itself now in a pond. Is the pond big enough for the fish? The bird thinks not. Discouraged, the bird sits alone. A cat eases up. The cat knows a trick, but sometimes it's hard to understand the intentions of others. The ocean is close, but will the bird and the fish complete their trip?