Flawless Mirror (Ogledalo bez mana-original title in Croatian)

Agata Lučić | Croatia

The book Flawless Mirror is inspired by the image of ideal beauty and the influence of the offered visions of the body that are often used in the service of distorted reality and denial of natural beauty.

Rare are the women who identify themselves with movie actresses, or magazine models with elegant long legs, lush hair, and smooth, impeccable skin, with the image they see in the mirror. The artworks in my book are created as the reaction and the critique of the ideal images of women’s bodies that are shown in the media, the beauty industry and virtual social platforms.
I present textual and visual notes that are, in fact, creative and humoristic
associations on the subject. I wanted to bring the idea of a positive perception of physical appearance closer to the audience of different ages, but my main target is the female audience who is experiencing puberty and adolescents. I focused the book on a few common body parts that became universal female complexes and frustrations due to the influence of social constructs.

Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb
Graduation: 2020

Published titles: 1