Simone Zhang | China

THE COMMUTER is a wordless picture book. From the perspective of a commuter who is running late for work, I'd like to illustrate a city in chaos and overcrowding during the morning commute. The worry and strain of the morning journey are often worse than the job itself. The distorted cityscape is the projection of people's inner anxiety, which has changed their appearance somehow.

What prompt me to work on this subject of city commuting is my curiosity about where I lived before. The city is well-developed and full of opportunities, accidents, changes. Looking back on my past daily activities, I found that my journey to work might be a microcosm of all the big cities. It was always full of chaos, while people live there and felt used to it.

Therefore, it is not about conveying negative emotion. The awkward expression and movements are more like a way to blow off the stress by laughing at our busy lives. I hope this story could lead to looking at our lives under pressure and not being overwhelmed by it.

The Glasgow School of Art
MDes in Communication Design (Illustration)
Graduation: 2022