Too Snappy to Wear a Nappy!

Lillias Kinsman-Chauvet | United Kingdom

Have you ever seen a crocodile wearing a nappy? Or a giraffe for that matter?

This light hearted tale highlights the absurdity of nappies as seen through the eye's of a child, who one day puts a nappy on a toy giraffe...And how we did laugh!

The story comes straight from the imagination of my two year old son. His playful idea became a catalyst in leaving nappies far behind, running wild and free, and coming back to the potty when he needed to pee. I wrote his words down and we illustrated it together. A few years later I revisited the project and created this book, just in time for his younger sister’s potty adventures. I hope it will also, in a gentle, playful, child-led way, introduce many other little ones to the potty and how they too can be wild and nappy free!

University of the Arts London - London College of Communication
Pg Dip - Design for Visual Communication
Graduation: 2011