The Letter

Natasha Yugai | Russia

Our world has place for good and evil, positive and negative. All judgments are quite subjective and everyone has the right for their own opinion. But what to do with the fact that what is good for one can be evil for another?

One little girl and her friend dinosaur find out that the lightning hasn’t appeared in the sky when it should have to. Neither the sun rises in the morning, nor the street lamps burn... And there is no ice-cream left in the shops! The city is black and lifeless. It turns out that each one has received an anonymous letter saying that they are spoiling the sender’s life! The lightning is too frightening, the sun is too bright, ice-cream causes allergic reaction. If someone doesn’t like you, is it a reason to disappear? But what to do with it? The two friends will unify the world by writing their own letter: “We love you, world” ― with all its good and bad. And then, the sun rises.

It’s a philosophic tale which pushes us to think about wholeness and diversity of the world, imposing one’s opinion, critical thinking, respecting boundaries and not only.

The Institute of Graphics and Book Art (Moscow Polytechnic University)
Illustration and design of printed goods
Graduation: 2019

Published titles: 2