The Blue Shark Motel

Cheyenne Quévy | Belgium

The Blue Shark Motel makes the reader traveling. These images show how the owner of a motel lost in the American countryside is intrigued by the arrival of an elegant and urban woman, whereas the text tells how the woman ended up on the road. The Blue Shark Motel is, therefore, a book with a double narrative discourse (with a textual level and a visual level) that plays with the temporality of the story. It is a book produced in black and white and whose images further support the dichotomous aspect of this meeting between a man and a woman that everything opposes.

Something singular and often occurring in my work is the emphasis I put in the setting I imagine. I love to play with very peculiar furniture and how the lighting reveals the shadows there. I am very interested in creating some curious locations with a special atmosphere. In this book, I am focusing on the old American countryside’s environment.

Very influenced by the films noir from Howard Hawks, Anthony Mann and Orson Wells, I wanted to make my book a nod to this universe. By alternating between large rigid images and the decomposition of movements, I tried to work the rhythm of the book so that its cinematographic aspect is even more revealed.

Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles
Graduation: 2022