Beata Mostowska | United Kingdom

Fishing, a wordless picture book, is a final project of Sequential Image Module at my University course.

I am fascinated by water, how it changes during the day and how it is affected by the weather. Contemplation of its surface, affected by depth, reflections, clarity and constant movement was the beginning of my project idea. As a consequence of those visual experiences, I decided to produce a sequential image that reflects the changes in time and weather in the sea. I decided to use a limited colour palette, and thereby I managed to achieve a nostalgic feel in my project.
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway inspired me in some way, and it could be visible. However, it’s twisted here, and I leave enough ambiguity to the reader. What if old fisherman did not come back?

Inspiration for old man was someone I knew in the past. His life was a struggle. He was wearing a hat and very old, dirty, stiff coat, and he did not have a home… I was intent on showing a struggle of an old man with two enemies, big fish and water.

I used a dry brush technique using black watercolour paint and bristle. I also used a liquid pencil with the consistency of cream applied on Fabiano print paper.

Cambridge School of Art
Children's Books Illustration
Graduation: 2021