Sowing Seeds

Malin Rosenqvist | Sweden

It’s hard to avoid hearing or reading about climate change and I belong to those with a fair share of climate anxiety. It’s on the news, in the papers and on the radio. Global warming, vanishing water supplies, environmental tipping points, species extinction; what can we do to stop these changes? Who is ready to act responsibly and what is responsibility?

"The fundamental problem of responsibility is not what we humans are, nor how we can "be" better, more natural, primal or authentic, but what we DO" writes Greg Garrard in his book "Ecocriticism" (2012). We need to move from an anthopocentric world view and see ourselves as a dependent and integral part of nature and the environment. If we can cause bad change, perhaps we can also cause good change?

This picture book aims to encourage young and old to take action, to care and above all to give nature value.

HSLU (Hochschule Luzern, Design & Kunst), Switzerland
MA Illustration & Animation (ANIMAGE)
Graduation: 2010