Maria Jose Carmona | Chile

Metamorphosis is a silent book that narrates through images the process of a butterfly's transformation. The stain, the black ink and its texture, the stencil and the roller, talk and develop the story. The life cycle of a butterfly, from being a caterpillar to becoming an adult butterfly, passing through that magical state of pupa. And when it is ready, and with some difficulty, it manages to leave the pupa, until it flies out with its wings. And its flight makes it leave the page of the book, which closes the story as well. A butterfly and its transformations, the curvatures of the caterpillar, the laborious and silent pupa, the breaking and abandonment of this shelter, the delicate movement of the wings. Because this story is a certain metaphor for life, for the processes and changes that we have to face, from a poetic, silent and moving perspective.

Stay, calmly and attentively, perhaps you will find this butterfly flying around.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Graduation: 2011

Published titles: 2