Frequently asked questions

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What is dPICTUS?

dPICTUS is a curated platform where picturebook publishers and agents promote their titles to international publishing professionals throughout the year, generating rights deals, business opportunities and new industry contacts to meet at book fairs.

View outstanding new releases and backlist titles in full from world-class publishers – including winners and nominees of the BolognaRagazzi Awards and the Bologna BOP ‘Best Children’s Publishers’ Prize. From 2018, we’re working with international picturebook specialists to curate titles on dPICTUS and for book fair exhibits.

The dPICTUS platform is an excellent place for exposure and discovery. It gives all picturebooks – whether from high-profile or unfamiliar sources – the year-round opportunity to be seen by publishing professionals around the world.

How do I become a member?

You/your company can join dPICTUS if you receive an invitation from a member or from us. dPICTUS membership is by invitation-only to help us keep the platform relevant, focussed and of a very high quality.

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Are there any fees? Do you charge a commission?

dPICTUS membership is free of charge to view hundreds of outstanding international picturebooks in full, and connect with top publishers, agents and other publishing industry professionals around the world. We have no involvement in any deal negotiations between our members, and we don’t charge a commission on any deals made with the help of dPICTUS.

If you wish to showcase picturebooks on the dPICTUS platform, there’s a fee which you can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

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Who can showcase picturebooks?

Members need to be ‘verified’ to showcase titles on dPICTUS. A member is verified if we believe their catalogue would be a good fit for the platform, taking into account extensive feedback from other members on what they’re looking for.

Once a member is verified, they’re free to showcase as many titles as they’d like to on the platform, providing the titles are picturebooks or heavily-illustrated books.

Even with this verification system, we realise that some of the titles on the platform won’t appeal to all of our members. So there are various search filters to help publishers find titles that interest them – and from 2018, we’re working with international picturebook specialists to highlight outstanding titles on the platform.

How does dPICTUS work with book fairs?

You can view picturebooks in full on dPICTUS throughout the year (many titles include rough English translations). This lets you preselect which new releases and backlist titles you’d like to discuss face-to-face at book fair appointments and easily follow up on titles after the fairs.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, there was an exhibition of 100 dPICTUS picturebooks in the new FRANKFURT KIDS hub between the two main international halls (5 & 6). Helping us curate the exhibition was a team of well-known picturebook experts: Leonard Marcus (USA), Sophie Van der Linden (France), Ulla Rhedin (Sweden) and Martin Salisbury (UK). We’re planning to take the dPICTUS exhibition to other international book fairs.

Do members showcase complete picturebooks?

Yes, mostly. For your best chance of success with dPICTUS, we recommend that you showcase complete picturebooks (rights buyers and commissioning editors tell us they love to assess titles in full). However, you’re welcome to show just the front cover and some sample spreads. We have flexible privacy settings which give you complete control over who can look inside each of your picturebooks on dPICTUS.

Is dPICTUS for children’s picturebooks only?

dPICTUS is for high-quality print picturebooks for any age, and the platform is also open to graphic novels and crossover picturebooks which may have unconventional formats or deal with challenging themes. If a book contains mostly text and few illustrations though, it’s unlikely to be a good fit for dPICTUS – and please note that mass-produced activity books (colouring books, sticker books, etc) are not eligible.

Can I make rights deals on dPICTUS?

dPICTUS is a platform where you can view international picturebooks in full, and connect with publishers, agents and other industry professionals. If you wish to negotiate a rights deal or meet a member at a book fair, you can approach them using the contact details they provide.

Who can look inside my picturebooks?

Flexible privacy settings give you complete control over who can look inside each of your picturebooks on dPICTUS. Members who don’t have access to look inside your picturebooks will only see the front cover and information about the title.

Are my business contacts notified when I add picturebooks to dPICTUS?

Your Connections (pre-approved dPICTUS members) can opt to receive email notifications when you add picturebooks to the platform, so they can stay up to date with your list and not miss out on potential deals.

Can members download my picturebooks?

Picturebooks cannot be downloaded from dPICTUS and we’ve disabled the ‘right-click>save image’ option, which makes it difficult for members with access to your picturebooks to save individual images. Even so, when PDFs are uploaded to dPICTUS, the images are resized so the resolution isn’t high enough for quality printing.

How should rights agencies use dPICTUS?

Rights agents/agencies who represent titles for multiple publishers have two ways of using dPICTUS:

  • The agent/agency can showcase titles from their own account. (We recommend this option if the agent/agency represents a publisher’s titles in all languages/territories, and will be adding titles and updating rights details on their own.)
  • Publishers can showcase titles from their own accounts and ‘link’ the agent/agency to the titles. (We recommend this option when the agent/agency represents titles in limited languages/territories, and when publishers would like to manage their own titles and profiles.)

Whichever option is chosen, the titles will appear in the dPICTUS search results for both the agent/agency and the publisher names.

Can I use dPICTUS on mobile devices?

dPICTUS will mostly work well on mobile devices, but certain parts of the platform (e.g. the picturebook uploader) should currently only be used on desktop and laptop computers, ideally with an up-to-date version of the Chrome or Safari web browser.

Illustration by Marianne Dubuc from THE LION AND THE BIRD (Éditions Album)