Fly like a bird

Olga Ptashnik | United Kingdom

An ultimate guide for little birdies. Creative non-fiction book that will help a young reader to learn different ways to use their feathers and tell interesting information about different birds. In this book both text and pictures work together to tell a complete story about the most interesting pilots: where do they live, what do they eat and how it affects the flight - the most incredible way to move in space so far. The story is written as a dialog between a young tit and his mother, and actually it is not only a non. fiction book about biology, but also a fiction book about self-acceptance that little birdie is coming through: looking at others, it will find a joy not in the highest or fastest flight, but in the flight that it was born for. The main line of the book is connecting spreads through the flight. The project will be finished in traditional techniques: graphite and pencils. Currently only the cover and spreads 4, 12 are done in this technique, the rest are digital sketches.

Published titles: 2