Saturday, 3pm

Zoƫ Ellison | United Kingdom

Saturday, 3pm tells the story of a little girl who goes to a football match for the first time with her dad. The book focuses on a parent/child relationship and passing on treasured traditions. It also addresses fear and apprehension and how sometimes the things we are scared to do turn out to be something we love.
The book is semi-autobiographical and based on my memories of going to watch Sheffield United with my father. Going to a match with him is still my happy place and I see that feeling reflected in the thousands of other families that go to the football every Saturday, so I knew the story I was telling is important to many other people.
I used black and white mono-print and ink as I wanted it to feel timeless and evoke memories in someone whose first football match was last month, and someone whose first football match was 70 years ago.

Cambridge School of Art
Children's Book Illusration
Graduation: 2020