The Freak School (Le Dévacance Colère)

Marina Philippart | Belgium

I wrote this story because I wanted to tell the story of a misunderstanding. I remembered how, as a child, I didn't always understand words, which got mixed up in my head and to which I gave a new, imaginary spelling. Like Fancy Fair which became, in my head, the "end of cifère". I get a kick out of these misunderstood children's words.

In this project, I'm talking about people who are lonely, like a stray dog, orphans, a little girl in the woods or a mute bird. As always, it's the lonely, often in spite of themselves, who inspire me.

For the character of Reine, I drew inspiration from the energy of my daughter, who, despite being one-eyed, never complained about her situation, and managed to overcome every situation thanks to her character!

I also wanted a story set in the forest, a place, real or imaginary, that I love above all else. Talking about a story in the forest allows me to draw the nature I love so much.

I know this project isn't perfect, it's not quite finished, but I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you very much for reading.

Marina Philippart

ENSAV La Cambre Buxelles
Graduation: 2013

Published titles: 1