Thank You, Rain

Emma Chinnery | United Kingdom

Thank You, Rain is a children’s picturebook that was created for my Masters Stage project on the MA Children’s Book Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art. During the covid-19 lockdown in the winter of 2020-2021, I sought out ways to stay positive and began a gratefulness diary to find the small things to be thankful for in everyday life. This practice evolved into the idea to create a gratefulness picturebook. Thank You, Rain explores what rain, which in my experience of British culture is often seen as a negative thing, can give to us to be thankful for. This book was created using watercolour paint with dip pen and Indian ink. Synopsis: Rose and Grandma go out to buy a sticky bun from the shop but find a big puddle blocking their path. Rose thinks the whole day is spoilt by the rain. Rose and Grandma take a different path and soon discover all the wonderful things rain gives us, including muddy puddles!

Cambridge School of Art/ Anglia Ruskin University
MA Children's Book Illustration
Graduation: 2021